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Each newly created family to unite their destinies wants to have a baby for a fullhappiness. Take care of her and raise a worthy generation. After all, a baby in the family, it is a manifestation of the deep feelings of a man and wife to each other. However, not all realize the dream comes the first time, many couples with infertility stykayutsya. Currently, infertility is treated, it needs to consult with kvalifitsesc specialist and with the help of modern equipment to be examined. Therefore, there are health centers that come to the aid of young parents. Among them, an important position is occupied by family planning center.

"IVF Zentren Prof. Zech" founded in 1984, today has sixclinics in five countries as well as several partner clinics in Nigeria. In this medical center, founded by Professor Herbert Shop conduct surveys using the latest, modern medical equipment and tailor-made treatments for their patients. To have a baby is a great happiness that everyone dreamsSingle, because on the way to implementation of family planning clinic uses in his practice, proven over the years that the methods are effective in practice, in order to facilitate conceive a child.

The basic principles that apply to the activity of more than 120 professionals have:

  • The high level of patient care using the latest technologies;
  • Tuned work between the team, a great experience and continuous professional growth;
  • A wide range of services and use of all methods of treatment to correct the problem.

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