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What is it? Beforeof all, it should be classified as a Web site that allows the user to use various Internet services operating within only a single site. These include, for example, discussion, weather, mail, news, and more.

There are several types of portals:

  1. The first - a horizontal portal covering many topics. These include Yahoo or Yandex. It should have its own user base, authorization, and the like;
  2. Vertical portals - there is a specific type of the second, as it is placed only a unique theme. It is integrated in the cortive information system company. The integration process can be carried out at the level when there is input to the portal or the lower levels;
  3. Most portals still divided into regional and international, public and corporate.

All types differ significantlyfrom each other. For example, corporate completely opposite from the public. Because it focuses on a specific type of user.

Another no less common is an information portal that is used for the collection, processing and dissemination of information, which aims to solve specifice task. Also, when you create a portal can solve marketing problems. This is done by collecting a large amount of information about consumers. Often we hear such a thing as commercial purposes. But few people know that there is something in mind. In fact, they are necessary in order to provide paid services to visitors or to sell advertisingarea on the portal.

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