What is in vitro fertilization (IVF)

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According to the statistics in the world, a large quantitativein pairs really wants to have a baby, but the disease infertility is becoming increasingly common. It is a disease in which one of the spouses can not have children, although they are sexually active without using any contraceptive methods.

In this case we must first consult with qualifiedin such a clinic IVF and Reproductive Medicine in Germany. This clinic has a global value, which in the practice employs innovative, cutting-edge, modern and reliable methods for the treatment of infertility. Ask for help in this medical institution will provide you with the most qualified doctors advice that already in the draft mlegged years helping thousands of couples to realize their dream, and the staff carefully and responsible attitude towards its customers, and will create all conditions to stay in the clinic was safe and comfortable.

? In vitro fertilization - a method of treating infertility, when fertilization occurssynthetically and subsequently transferred embryos in the uterus of female cavity. If the use of traditional fertility treatments have not been successful, this method of artificial insemination is effective in the case where there is a significant violation of the proper functioning of the female ovaries. As you know the physiology of each hourThe person is different, because the effect of treatment also may not come immediately. German Clinic of reproduction medicine to make every effort to treatment yielded positive results - the birth of a baby of their own.

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