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Children - flowers of life. With their appearance, comes to lighthome, a new life, laughter and joy, but the lack of children - is constant tantrums, scandals, insults, and finally - destroyed family life. Some couples simply can not withstand such a heavy strain and break up, resigned to the fact that he would never be able to kiss the fruit of their love and feel the joy of fatherhood. However, there esche and the other half of the people that no matter what struggles in order to give birth to their child, a piece of themselves.

It is in this issue provides a wonderful help « Vivaneo » in the Netherlands and Germany. His activity began when certain actions by Thomas Hahn and Martin Schorsch 1996February. Due to the fact that there have doctors with valuable knowledge and are doing their job well, they are accessed by many couples. The thing is, it's really hard way to go and it is very difficult, not everyone can decide on it.

The clinic employs forty-nine professionals whoin five areas involved:

  • Biology reproductive;
  • gynecological endocrinology;
  • medical practice;
  • Surgical management and discipline;
  • Andrologiya.

During the course of treatment you will be under the direct supervision of the same doctor who will help you recover and realize his dream. And also enlighten you further advice on surveillance and prevention.

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