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YUVEO was founded by Dr. Schumann in 2013, and in the presenttime, it is very popular among many other German clinics. An important part of it is that it contains the six beds, which is intended for monitoring of patients, and four of them directly to their treatment stationary.

The main objective of the clinic is to provide individualcially patient care, as well as some advice, which combine the presentation showing some results, as well as the shortcomings and postoperative complications, and methods for the direct treatment. In addition, there are conducting operations at a fairly high level, which, unfortunately, can not afford many cellsaliens give in Germany.

The operations are carried out directly in the clinic of Dr. Schumann:

  • Correction: eyelids, lips, ears;
  • Removal of wrinkles and lift circular, full on the face;
  • breast implants: types of operationFirst is the introduction of an implant:  

- Under the chest incision;
- a scar around the nipple;
- In the underarm seam remain;

  • Plastic intimate;
  • Liposuction;
  • Hand Surgery;
  • Increase buttocks.

Thanks to it that work there are very QUALIFICATIONSitsirovannye doctors, you can be fairly sure that all work will be done at a high level and the risk to your health drops to a very minimum that you will not be able to promise any other known or not the clinic.

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