Professional Plastic Surgery Clinic "Proaesthetic" in Germany

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"Proaesthetic" - it's a great in Germany, which neposredstvenno engaged in operations with plastic. In 1993, it was founded. Already today, in such a short time as 21 years old, she was able to gain the trust of many people, and that is also quite important – and outside the country, too.

The Clinic offers a range of services, such as:

  1. Eyelid;
  2. Breast plastic surgery;
  3. Liposuction;
  4. Hair Transplantation;
  5. professional teeth cleaning;

For the benefit of our health and beauty there are 26workers, including: medical staff, surgeons - specialists and beauticians. An important part of that is just to make sure that it is a great clinic with qualified doctors - is that for the time of the clinic there were more than 40,000 operations.

Specialists - surgeons at all times bewatching you, ranging from consultation, and be directly involved in all procedures - ending the postoperative period. In addition, experts will select and advise on services that meet exactly your appearance, thereby achieving improvements.

And the main fact is that cama atmosphere of the clinic will be able to customize your only positive and without causing discomfort, and only bring confidence in the wonderful results obtained. Comfortable Chamber will contribute to the rapid recovery and quality, as well as for you will always be kept professional care.

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