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Do you want to experience for yourself some opiginalnuyu diet? Well, below is a list submitted certainly will help you choose something that will fit on the state of mind and affordable.

« Banana Diet »

It turns out, lose a small amount of excess weight is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.For breakfast, you need to eat a banana and drink a glass of water, all ingredients should be at room temperature. Lunch and dinner can be anything, within reason, of course. After 18:00, you can not take any food or drink. &Nbsp;

« Air Diet »

It is a diet for the studywhich I need to spend a certain amount of time. Meaning air diets consist solely in self-hypnosis, and nothing more. Also taken into account various processes involved in the preparation of food, its absorption, etc. Describes in detail the process of impaling food on a fork, dumping it on a spoon and acquisitions. Describesthat all this work that brings results for the simple reason that the absorption of food in up going without much pleasure.  

« Cave Diet »

Some nutritionists believe that to lose weight, can be eating those foods that nourish the caves people. In fact, some truth in this is, after all, be aware that we are completely genetically similar to our ancestors. They ate only fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, some cereals. At the same time they did not use salt and sugar, refined cereals and dairy products. In their diet had no flour products, legumes, and numeroustions cereals.  

The truth is worth knowing that the reviews on the diet differed on two sides. Some nutritionists hands feet « for » diet, as it has helped many people lose weight. Others nutritionists are confident that such a diet can harm the body. &Nbsp;

&Laquo; Sandwich Diet »

This diet Spaniards, who, incidentally, is recognized as the most beautiful women in the world. It is believed that replacing a full meal on a sandwich, you can get rid of excess weight. To do this, take 2 slices of bread from different cereals and plunge into your heart desires! Here are just IMEcontinuously here and there the most important trick! When immersed in a small piece of chicken sandwich or vegetables, or low-fat cottage cheese – then diet is appropriate. But if you make the most of a huge sandwich in the world, would be a good judge of that? &Nbsp;

In general, there are plenty to choose! The main thing to remember that in the first place to doomamb about their health not about excess weight. More diets to suit all tastes can be found on the website.

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