Naples a wonderful city with many attractions

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a beautiful city to relax, or just to escape ont rush, the best way to travel but it is in a wonderful and very beautiful city of Naples.

Naples - is an Italian city and the administrative center of the region - Campania, Naples and province. In the bay of the Gulf of Naples is located.

The magnitude is the third Italiancity, as well as in Southern Italy it is probably the largest city, which is about one million inhabitants. Was built by immigrants from Greece in the 8th century BC. e, and had a direct title – Partenope.
Attractions of this city

  • National Archaeological Museum of Naples;
  • The National Gallery and National Museum of paintings;
  • Castel Nuovo;
  • Santa Chiara;
  • The Royal Palace of Naples;
  • Castel dell'Ovo;
  • From the Chapel of SanEber;
  • Santissima Annunziata;
  • San Domenico Maggiore;
  • San Lorenzo Maggiore;
  • St. Elmo;
  • Certosa di San Martino;
  • Ossuary Fontanelle;
  • Santa Maria in Purgatorio.

You can also say with certainty that it is respected Naples immediate family origin of pizza. Namely, its two main types - « Marinara » and not less then delicious - « Margherita & raquo ;. Thus, it is clear the fact hthat this city has the best choice, which affects the comfort, plenty of places where you can quite a good time and have fun. And so if you've been there, then you will constantly pull back. After all, what you can see there is quite simple words can not describe.

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