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According to the content in the global network conventionally distinguish two categories of sites:web applications and websites. Websites act as an information resource, users who are readers. Among them are: portal news site that acts as a business card company representative site and others. In contrast, websites, using web-based applications can carry out certain actions, such asmake purchases in the Internet-shop, send files by e-mail, monitoring, ie tracking the data.

The web application

Today is much simpler. Web application implies the presence of the client and server as a web browser. Web technology is applieds constantly improving and becoming widespread use of new approaches to their development, namely the approach Ajax, which allows you to download web applications from the server, rather than trying to download it completely, as it was before, which makes them more productive.

Web additions have universal access, and couldut to be available only for users of the enterprise network. The disadvantage of the latter is that they offer a rigid framework of the partnership. A very important point is the web application that the user is logging on to the site for 10-15 seconds to understand how to continue to use the site, nobody will spend two hours to learnbe work instructions and menu commands. Therefore, the main task of programmers is to minimize the time when the application will respond to the request. It can also cause an attack by hackers on the data of the program.

Company "Arsis"

is the main directionin the company "Arsis": now a draft years. The lion's share in the development of web applications has developed a web design that occupies an entire industry. As a company that respects itself, Arsis has people that are involved in the field of information technology, which are highly qualified specialists in their directionEmergency activities are willing to share experience and to create a modern, functional design of your web application.

The success of Web applications depends largely on what they operate due to simple solutions, making it possible to create a perfect complement. Applying in their practice aboutstye to-use programming model enclose a good relationship with our partners.

Therefore, the company to support the additions is to provide quality support and the ability to organize the daily smooth functioning of these operations.

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