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According to recent studies, decreased visual hRhenium is common. If earlier vision decreases with age, but nowadays this problem and the younger generation, and youth, and all because children spend very little time outdoors, and more are sitting at their computers or phones. For vision correction, you must first pass the inspection of an ophthalmologist, and then if necessarybuy glasses or lenses.  

Very often people at a young age, are not willing to wear glasses, despite the problems with eyesight. And explanations are many: not suitable design frames and lenses, fear of ridicule from their peers. But science is moving forward, and in addition, significantly improve the appearance of a pointa widened its range, and for people who have not adapted to wear glasses, have come up with an alternative in the form of lenses.

The lenses not only look better, but also have a number of advantages, such as:

  1. The vision is more natural;
  2. The lenses have a much-like rain or snow does not fall drops;
  3. Do not fog up when temperature difference;
  4. The lenses are very good for active people who love sports because glasses are not suitable for many sports;
  5. The lenses do not slip.

Colornye lenses

As we see, the lens a lot of advantages, but there are also colored lenses that will help you to change or add to your image. It is worth knowing that there is such a lens: color, tint, and the so-called “ crazy & rdquo ;.
Lenses “ crazy ” intended for short-termof wear. It is these lenses have a variety of interesting patterns, which are suitable for different parties.

are both diopters, and without them. They differ in that they are transparent and have a weak color. With these lenses natural     eye color     You can change to another Ottenapprox.

Colored lenses are easy to change the color of your eyes, because of the iris of the eye pattern which is very bright and can even hide dark eyes.

In addition, colored lenses are a number of diseases, photophobia (photophobia), as well as for people who can not tolerate light, there are colored lenses,which have ultraviolet protection. Another colored lenses used in diseases with corneal opacities, cataracts and other changes.

After all the above, we can conclude that the tint lenses — the solution of many problems in the field to create a new image, and correcting certain eye diseases.  People with these diseases no longer feel disadvantaged, gain self-confidence, begin to live a full life.

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