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False, a small word, but it is as much in currently unites. Some people lieprecisely in order not to offend and disappoint the man, that is a useful result. But there is another part of the people who make it to spite others, for their own benefit. And so it is hard to understand a man is telling the truth or lying. For example, there are cases that the commission of the crime, and the man carefully hides it, and does it very well. Namesbut why was invented the polygraph.

- a device research, which is able to detect simultaneously several parameters physiology (heart rate, respiration, electrodermal activity, blood pressure), during that, as a person who is examined by specifying questions that are directly attributable to thedefinition of the crime or incident. Entries that are received during the polygraph, examines and explains the polygraph (expert in the printing industry).

As a result of research, it was found that the results obtained during the polygraph, is 100% accurate.

If someone wants to fool the polygraph, thus change the results of his investigation, they will be wasting time. After all, this is not possible. Experienced polygraph examiner, get qualified education in this area, be sure to understand it.

Time for which the results are displayedand the test itself, is depending on the complexity of the definition and the fact that you need to consider an average of 2-3 hours.

The process itself is directly from the three phases:

  • pre-test interview;
  • The survey Polygram;
  • Analysis of polyGram.

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