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polygraph, lie detector

Nowadays there is a general be lief that it's almost im possible to cheat the polygraph, it almost read our thoughts . polygraph, lie detectorIt is be lieved that the accuracy of this test is more than 90 percent. The be lief in this legend is advantageous for people who work directly with the lie detector, as well as for some other structures. This allows to suppress the tested psychologically. And the popularity of such testing allows the companies which provide these services to fill their wallets. Any expert on checks on the honesty from the start trying to instill you that its im possible to cheat polygraph, and remains only to relax and say only the truth. But is it really? Is it possible to cheat this super equipment?

Of course, in recent years science has advanced far ahead, but the declared accuracy of the "truth computing" is far from the truth itself. It does not exceed even 70 percent. This means that it is still possible to cheat the polygraph, although you need to know some of the secrets of resistance. Next, we present the main methods to deal with this miraculous equipment.

polygraph, lie detectorIt's enough to bow before a polygraph. You should not be afraid of it, it's not torture. It has not yet been invented such device, which can get into your head and read your thoughts. It simply measures how physiological parameters changing when you sound out the answer to the questions specifically elected by the specialist. If you will be lieve in the honesty of your answers yourself, or to instill this for yourself, the detector will accept your answers as the truth. People who are constantly lying and, as the saying, do not blush, are easily able to pass such a test, even if what they say is a lie.

The day before the test you can try to drink some alcohol. On testing your reaction will "slow down" and it will be difficult for the polygraph to accurately estimate your answers. But do not overdo it with alcohol, you need to be in adequate condition. Also, if the last few days, your sleeping was very short, you will not be able to objectively estimate the situation, you're like in a trance. Again, you must remember that, in addition to the polygraph, you are tested by a live person who can visually recognize that you are almost asleep.

polygraph, lie detectorFor the next method, you do not need anything to use. You need to focus on something abstract: the wall, window, desk or something like that. And to answer the test questions without thinking, automatically. Before testing you should train to concentrate on a foreign objects.

It should be remembered that the most convincing to specialist will be not your static condition, but namely an expression of the beneficial to your reaction. For example, if you need to respond positively to a question, then the change in reaction can be called if you will solve any complicated mathematical operations in your mind. You can also think of something unpleasant or sexually arousing. This technique also should be work out first.

polygraph, lie detectorAlso can be app lied the following, simple in theory method. When you need to respond positively to the question, but it is not true, then forget that the specialist have asked you, and mentally ask yourself the question, the answer to which will be affirmative "Yes" (for example, i am thirty years, my name is Gregory and etc.). Then just say your answer out loud. In practice, it is usually much more complicated than in theory. To do this, you must first train.

Not strong physical pain also causes a positive change in the reaction. For example, the button under the big toe can cause the desired changes. Little step on and reaction will come. Of course, there are other ways besides the button. Any tension of muscles can act in the right direction for you (press the tongue densely to the palate, strongly push the toes into the floor), but only that, which are invisible to specialist.

To confuse lie detector even more, it not be amiss to wet phalanx of the fingers in 96 percent alcohol before testing. The specialist may suggest you to wash your hands. Even so, this method will work, although the effect will be slightly weakened.

polygraph, lie detectorIn conclusion, I want to clarify that even if on the conscious level we imagine that truth which is beneficial for us, our subconscious still knows the real truth. And inconsistencies of the fictional truth with the present truth can be manifested in increased heart rate or breathing rate, increased sweating and so on. In its turn polygraph captures all these symptoms of our body. So that the most reliable way to cheat the polygraph - is genuinely be lieve in your lies. But not everyone can so sincerely be lieve in his fictional truth.

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    Owen - 21.11.2012, 19:39
    Everything is possible. You need only to now some secrets.
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    Soldes - 22.11.2012, 10:54
    I think everything is possible.
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    Lara - 22.11.2012, 16:29
    Only way buy your own house and see her 1-2 times a year, then relationships will be warm.
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    Gelbor - 22.11.2012, 18:51
    Its very hard but i think is possible.
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    max - 23.11.2012, 21:55
    Its very hard, i don't think that somebody can do this.
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    mac - 14.01.2013, 02:20
    Its very hard, you have to control your mind very well to do this.