Spacious beaches, turquoise clear water and plenty of sun Jamaica beaches- this is only some of the things that can offer Caribbean island of Jamaica. With its diversity and exuberance of color of tropical flowers, plants and fruit island outshines all known recreational facilities for Europeans. Its fauna invites you to take part in research expeditions both on land and on water.Jamaicans Jamaicans, whether young or old, amaze with enviable composure and equanimity. "No problem" - this saying is not an empty words for them, but rather a credo which presents everywhere in daily life and infects many holidaymakers.

Small international airport is located just a few kilometers from the bustling tourist town of Montego Bay.Montego Bay, Jamaica Aborigines call it simply "Mo-Bay."  Sellers  of souvenirs city market impress everyone with their Jamaican equanimity. Checkers and dominoes are the most favorite ways of pastime. Jamaica is just riddled with different cultures, which features are found primarily in various crafts. Colourful knitting, basket weaving, pearl necklace - are the most favorite souvenirs. African heritage is reflected in the art of wood carving. Doctor's Cave, Montego Bay, JamaicaThanks to the healing power of water of Doctor's Cave beach, Montego Bay has become a favorite place for swimming. Already to the beginning of the century, many foreigners sailed here to swim in the healing water of the sea. Cornwall and Fletcher beaches are located near the center of the city, and are popular among the tourists.

Anyone who wants to explore Jamaica away from the beaches, can use various vehicles.Jamaica Buses, transportInternational buses are inexpensive and popular among the aborigines. All allowed by the city vehicles are recognizable by the red number plate. You can use the route taxis. Once these vehicles are insured and operated by licensed drivers. It's most reliably to  pre-negotiate a reasonable price. Drive on the left in Jamaica is a matter of habit. Be careful at intersections. Beep when turning and overtaking is the usual case for Jamaica. rafts of bamboo jamaicaRafts of bamboo are another, more romantic mode of transportation. Previously, they were used for the carriage of goods. Today, they are designed to carry tourists on the rivers. Such trips on the river Marta Brae are offered in the Lethe - 30 minutes from Montego Bay. The tour starts early in the morning and lasts all day. The magnificent landscape with bamboo-covered shores attracts nature lovers and romantics. You should not be surprised of oncoming traffic, since the carrier drag the raft from the end point of the journey to its beginning only with his muscles.
Browns Town, JamaicaTypical Jamaican town - Browns Town is located in the hills adjacent to the town of coastal areas. Variegated market opens on weekends, it offers all sorts of fruit and vegetables of the season. Perhaps the most delicious fruit is "soursop". Juicy and tasty flesh is hiding behind a nondescript peel. Salted and dried fish is a component of many Jamaican dishes. Jamaicans love spicy food. This is indicated by a wide range of different spices. There are up to 13 species of tuberous fruits, such as our potatoes in Jamaica,.

Browns Town, Jamaica reggae RastamanEach year, 6 February at Browns Town passes an amazing parade. Rastaman and fans of reggae music celebrating the birthday of the famous singer Bob Marley. His hometown of Nine Miles, is located just a few kilometers in the mountains and is a popular destination for travelers and singles. bob MarleyYou will be shown the house where  Marley lived and family graveyard where he is buried in a mausoleum. The charismatic singer, who lived in Trench Town, near Kingston, was well known in the 70's. With his band «The Wailers» he made of reggae disorganized, but tangible political force. Bob Marley has died in 1981 at age 36 from brain cancer. Daily splif (hand-rolled cigarette with marijuana) was essential for the singer. bob MarleyLike all rastaman Bob Marley also honored the former Ethiopian leader Haile Selassie as a religious and political leader. Rastaman treat in their flashbacks to their African ancestors, by the return to Africa and fighting for the final political freedom. Reggae is a musical expression of this feeling.

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