What is Reflex Sight


Reflex Sight – this thing is extremely convenient and effective sighting device, which is characterized byI have a number of advantages. For example, such units as equipped with machine guns and large-caliber guns with high-speed shooting.

In our time to hear collimator sight very rare and very unusual thing for our attention. These sights are characterized by images intact, where a special label with the projecteddot in the center that performs the role of targeting, and the ring is designed to take into account the displacement of an object, as well as greater speed. Thus, in the optical system for a fixed purpose only need to combine with a point or goal for a moving object must take into account the path of the point to findlas line movements.

In order to properly determine the anticipation of one of the convenient features themselves have a better view of the area because the barrel does not overlap the target image. The main types of collimator sights have opening and closing. Opening climatic sights very simple compared to Blinkytymi, as there is not used in image magnification. Each shooter through a glass screen has the opportunity to observe the target. But there are models when the screen displays additional information.

On the exterior collimator sights like the simple optical sights. Image here may regularitylated and increase in half or you can purchase tips that will make it possible to increase the image in 2 times, and with the help of the lens can zoom visibility goals.

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