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One of the largestprojects is the cultural capital of Russia LCD « North Valley & raquo ;. This name should not be confused with the North   Palmyra » (Name of St. Petersburg of the XVII century), although there is some connection. After all, this project takes a huge and significant place in all   St. Petersburg. &Nbsp; Complex   designed for the construction of a huge   tains the number offir (can exceed more than eighty thousand).

The actual construction « North Valley » has its origin in 2009. One of the main advantages of   This project is a rational and thoughtful layout. Apartments apartment complex have an affordable price for customers. &Nbsp; In the area « North Valley » planned construction of new schools, kindergartens, pharmacies, hospitals, etc. Necessarily inherent parking for residents LCD. The project will provide its residents with the most favorable and comfortable facilities directly upon check-in. &Nbsp;

It is worth to emphasize hit « North Valley »   famous objects of social complex of buildings, working on the territory of the LCD itself. Their builder — &Laquo; Glavstroy – St. Petersburg ». &Nbsp; Entry to the border area Parnassus Peter — one of the advantages « North Valley ».   It gives the full right owners of the apartments have thcity's metropolitan residence.

By the way, all the available information about the planning and pricing of this exciting project, please visit Here you present features such as   price fixing,   tour of the facilities, the answers to all your questions on the residential complex and is absolutely the Freeatnaya selection of   the best apartments. Remember that buying an apartment on Parnassus gives you a huge advantage   relatively good and reliable real estate of this progressive area.

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