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Alexander Pushkin poem to the sea

Alexander Pushkin - the great classic of Russian literature. Since childhood, Pushkin was in love with the surrounding nature. Beautiful images of nature poet depicted in artistic images that teach us not only to see but also feel, hear the nature of our country, so near and dear to the heart of a simple man.

Alexander Pushkin poem to the sea Alexander Sergeyevich did not immediately come to the realistic depiction of nature. During his stay in the southern exile, Pushkin's poems were romantic. A vivid example is the poem "To the Sea", which was written by Alexander Pushkin before leaving from Odessa, and it was finished and handled in early October 1824.

Reflections of the author about his fate of exile, the fate of the Russian people are intertwined with a poetic image of the sea. So the sea is near and dear to the poet, because he imagines it as a living embodiment of a free and rebellious elements, possessing nice and powerful beauty, that is, the qualities which attracted Alexander Pushkin himself.

Alexander Pushkin poem to the seaIn the poem "To the Sea" author truly says goodbye to freedom, such a necessary and useful for him, as if he is preparing for long years of solitude in the wilderness of imprisonment, and in the darkness. This is confirmed by appeal of Alexander Sergeyevich to the sea: "Adieu a free element!".

In addition to everything else, in this poem we can see how the author mentions two such great personalities like Napoleon and Byron.

Indeed, Byron was a symbol for the author, we can say, ideal for real poet. Exactly hectic, stormy sea  Pushkin associated with his idol, as Byron, in his opinion, was the real singer of the sea.

Alexander Pushkin poem to the seaIn some association, in his work Pushkin mentions the Emperor Napoleon, whom he considered a prisoner of freedom. After all, the Emperor was the same exiles, like Alexander. When we read the poem understand that Pushkin as if conducts an invisible parallel between his fate and the fate of Napoleon.

In this poem we also hear protests and bitterness in the effluent, which generalize the reflections on the fate of people around the world. Pushkin understands that the tyranny or false culture of high society blocking the path to the people's freedom.

Alexander Pushkin poem to the sea Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin gave the poem "To the Sea" romantic nature, for already there we hear the elevation of speech, tone, it is full of appeals, exclamations, evaluative adjectives and metaphors, and rhetorical questions. How beautifully the poet turns to the sea, "Adieu a free element!".

Alexander feel great power in the sea which is native to him with its invincible, irrepressible movement. In the natural beauty of the sea Pushkin feels the breath of the Creator, who gave man freedom, but out of love for his creation he has a hidden power over him. Pushkin's sea affectionately calls the poet to itself, trying to teach him to be free, we can even say, clears him from the world's burden of passion. In it Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin sees the limit of his soul, desired. Poet's sea is indulgently and patiently to the destiny of man. In an address to the sea, the author modifies neuter gender to male gender, that is, he emphasizes by this that through him, the sea, personal appeals of Creator reach the human.

This poem became a Pushkin's farewell not only with the sea, but with a period in his life, which was devoted to romantic lyrics.  Poet's composition allows us to enjoy the enchanting sounds, as well as to understand and learn enough about personality of Alexander Pushkin, and take an unforgettable trip to the magical world of nature.

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