The Da Vinci Code

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The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci CodePeople enjoy a lie, because its not be difficult for anyone to believe in it. Fairy tale, written by Dan Brown, has become popular in just a few days, and within a few years of selling The Da Vinci Code became a real envy of other writers and publishers.  Why exactly this book - it's just a fairy tale or just a beautiful words?
The plot of detective novel unfolds around the famous philosopher, scientist, inventor and artist of the Renaissance - Leonardo da Vinci. The Da Vinci CodeWe should give tribute to the author, because after reading his book, the interest to this science and culture figure grew to the heavens. Now, his works became more popular than the Beatles music in the sixtieth years of the last century. Story described in the book The Da Vinci Code begins with the brutal murder of respectable old man, who was the caretaker of Louvre. But the evil could not win.  Before his death, a clever man left the coded message, which can be read only looking at the famous picture of the past. No no, notes in any case will not help to identify criminal personality. The Holy GrailBut they will help to find the Holy Grail that will not be a cup, but - Mary Magdalene, who was Christ's faithful wife. After the death of beloved Mary ran to the barbarians to France, where safely gave birth to a daughter. Unfortunately, she was unable to fulfill the last wish of her second half, and become the head of the church after his sudden death. Thus, the search for the Holy Grail is nothing more than a pilgrimage in order to to bend the knee in front of the feminine principle, which was unjustly lost through the centuries. And it was lost during the Dark Middle Ages, when the papacy could not part with its ubiquitous "divine" power.
Leonardo da Vinci's Last SupperA special place in this text fiction occupies Leonardo da Vinci's legendary picture - "Last Supper." It depicts Jesus with his apostles just at the moment of pronouncing of the legendary phrase: "One of you will betray me". On the right of Jesus sits the youthful Apostle John, but for some reason, Brown called him Mary Magdalene. Why? Did the young man seemed to him so feminine? Many paintings, written during the Renaissance, shown John a beautiful and gentle young man. "The Last Supper" by Leonardo is no exception! Main mystery of his paintings is not in written personages of his paintings, but in the mysterious technique and secret methods of painting. Where he saw in the Apostle, "an allusion to women's breasts?" If the fold of the cloak indeed is one hemisphere of the breast, then what had happened to the second? The Da Vinci CodePerverted freedom of writer arose only because of the letter V, which are depicted on their shoulders? In addition, Dan Brown had one more "irrefutable" accusatory evidence. To the right of the John are located Jude the Apostle Peter, whose bodies supposedly form the letter "M". If the assumption of the writer is indeed true, then where is the apostle John, about the presence of which you can learn from the following sources: Mark 14:17-20, Matthew 26:20, Luke 22:8? By the way, about Mary herself, who was present at the "Last Supper", is not said a word.
den Brown Angels and DemonsAlready taught by bitter experience with the book "Angels and Demons," Dan writes early in the novel The Da Vinci Code the following strings: "All the characters, events, and places are fictitious." If in the last book the honourable journalist wrote about a secret order, trying to abuse the church, in this book, he casts doubt on the integrity of Jesus and  all Patriarchate. At the end of the book the same young fellow writes lines, quite contrary to the line at the beginning of the book: "At the end of the book the same young fellow writes lines, completely contrary to lines at the beginning of the book: "The book provides accurate descriptions of works of art and architecture, secret rituals, ancient documents". This absurdity is the result of  Brown's sick fantasy!
Vivid evidence of this - are the lines of the novel itself. In the sixth chapter of the detective its told about that initiallyOlympics Olympic Games were dedicated to "the magic of Venus," when in fact the ancient Greeks praised Zeus. Venus - is the Roman goddess of love and beauty, in Greece it was called Aphrodite. In Chapter 55, mr. Brown said with complete confidence declares that the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the fifties of the last century, although their finding is dated - 1947. Also, they can in no way be a part of the Gospel, because they appeared much earlier. Legendary Priory of Sion was not founded in 1099 by one of the early kings of France Francois de Bouillon. Leonardo da VinciIt was founded (and even officially registered) by a real dude and convicted fraudster - Pierre Plantard, in 1956. From all this, make your own conclusion about the reliability of information that is published in a book.
All the facts - are just the tip of the iceberg. Reading the book, you can without ceasing to laugh in almost every line. Do not let yourself be fooled, such sources of information need to be checked. 

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