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Every year treatment in Israel is becoming more popular, and on the organization of treatment, patientsare increasingly turning to the company. Its experts are engaged in the selection of a suitable center at a reasonable cost of services provided to the patient the opportunity to choose a doctor from among the best narrow specialists.

Thanks to the effective application of the latest scientific developments, clinics partner companies achieve excellent ServiceMedresults in the treatment of patients with the most difficult diagnoses.

System "Da Vinci" allows you to carry out complex operations through small incisions, ensuring a minimally invasive, low blood loss, faster recovery of the patient after surgery.

Nano-knife has been successfully usedfor the treatment of cancer patients in Israeli hospitals. Cancer cells sent electric current of up to 3000 volts, which causes changes in the cell membrane and death of the cancer cell.

Angiography and stenting are used to eliminate cardiovascular pathologies. These procedures are not requireduyutsya cuts. They performed using intravascular conductors.

Monoklonialnye drugs – The latest biological weapons sighting acting solely on abnormal cells. Successfully used for the treatment of patients with psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer.

CagesFull-time therapy. Stem cells used to treat onozabolevany, heart failure, coronary heart disease, heart attack. Learn more …

Methods « Ardian » - surgical treatment of hypertension. By catheterization surgeon cauterize renal arteries, resulting inthat is, hypertension retreats.

Methods ECO – advanced technology of artificial insemination. Gives joy of motherhood for women who have been deprived of the reproductive function due to illness.

The device Intrabeam after the removal of a cancerous tumor in the breast allowst penetrate the body and irradiate the operated area, eliminating the need for the whole course of radiotherapy.

In the opinion of patients treated in Israel with the company ServiceMed, thanks to its support, they got a world-class medical services at affordable prices.

TreatmentServiceMed - it's efficiency, the excellent quality and comfort!

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