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Word « restaurant » Latin origin and means literally mount, Restorelish t. e., by applying to the institution of our days to recover his strength.

The first restaurant came up with the Chinese, it was the first institution, specialize in one particular food. Modern restaurants are whole enterprise for the production of complex dishes, here also includes branded and custom. People often visitrestaurants, it can be a lot of reasons. Some people just want diversity, someone wants to eat delicious meals in the kitchen and a reluctance to stand, and the grocery store and do not want to run this dish can not work, and some just meet with friends, but at home bored, and utensils then wash necessary. But, as practice shows, Chaptervnaya reason for going to the restaurant, the desire to celebrate something significant, significant event in my life. Birthdays, the anniversary of an event, or just corporate – these are the main perpetrators of such visits. And very much that the food was delicious and special, wonderful atmosphere, in a cozy environment. In fact, the criteria for a good RestLaurent, this to celebrate there again, I go back.

And this restaurant is! Almost in the center of Kiev, on the shores of beautiful lake in the park, a restaurant « PRAGUE & raquo ;, which is famous for its traditions, and delicious cuisine. The restaurant itself is somewhat reminiscent of a country mansion with white columns on the FASde, and its interesting history. Were at the restaurant   Times are different: both good and not very long period it was closed, but now the beginning of a new history and the restaurant is considered one of the best institutions. Inside the building there are many rooms that can be ordered depending on the occasion. On the second floor there is a large columned hall, the interior of whichfirst established in aristocratic style, the most appropriate day of the celebration of a wedding celebration. If you need to order - Restaurant « PRAGUE » this is what you need.

It has become fashionable nowadays to carry out various corporate events, allowing to rally the team, enhance the sense of team and thereby motivateVat to a better job. It was in the restaurant « Prague » There are various rooms   for parties in a variety of formats. The very location of the restaurant lets you feel very comfortable and find their company's quiet and secluded place. It feels like you're out of town, but because the restaurant is located in the heart of the city!

And the most anticipated and memorable holiday of the year for almost every person, especially a child - Birthday.   In the restaurant, you can flag it simply unforgettable, especially children's holiday, because here there is a playground, a cozy courtyard, very tasty and useful « children » food.

As you can see, all the strength to organize a banquet for this restaurant due to its location, a variety of banquet halls that can take any of the company, and most importantly delicious cuisine. All the festivals organized in this restaurant will leave in your mind unforgettable memories. < / p>

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