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We are constantly invited to buy an apartment insome complex, costing us just turn on the TV or the radio or see on billboards around. Looking around, we see that everywhere there is construction retail and office centers, residential homes, holiday villages, the construction industry will always evolve. Well, imagine no concrete construction, it is simply impossible. BEton was used in Ancient Rome, the Romans left behind a whole fundamental building. Of course, it was not such a concrete, as of now, to make a modern concrete   became possible only in the 19th century, when it was created cement. Concrete - is, in fact, the stone created artificially. He is one hundred per cent consists of natural ingredients: Sand, gravel (crushed stone),   cement (specifically   treated with lime) and water.

In the concrete mass of merit. It is durable, not afraid of mold and mildew, does not burn. If the concrete is properly made, then over time it becomes even stronger. Concrete can be made at home, but it is not effective, And the quality is not always good. In the market there are many companies in manufacturing concrete   and   its immediate delivery to the construction site. For example, concrete type M 300 manufactured strictly in technology and the addition of various additives only improves its quality. fluctuating between 3500-4200 rubles. Due to its natureistics on the operation of this stamp concrete is widely used in the construction. Especially when building structures capable of withstanding heavy loads (foundations, monolithic structures, curbs, sidewalks).

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