What is the stretch film


This film is a packaging materialscrap and the most promising in the world today. It is used for production of ethylene copolymers, low density polyethylenes. It produces granular material. It has some special features:

  • flexibility;
  • strength;
  • Transparency;
  • is contracted in any case;
  • resistant to puncture and tear.

It is often used for the transportation of packages, it protects cargo from different injuries. Has a thickness of 30 micrometers. Can also be used for food packagingand. This film is of three kinds:

  1. The machine, which is used in the transportation of packages for wrapping pallets with goods in firms that do not have automatic pallet wrappers. Used in large warehouses. The higher its value, the better its strength;
  2. Jumbo-roll;
  3. Hand stretch film. Usually comes in rolls weighing up to 3 pounds, packed in a box of six rolls. The thickness of this film 20 microns.

Food film has great slowness, resistant to tearing, puncture or bursting. Used in public fast food, in the villageomashnih conditions trade. Its thickness to 11 micron. Its main advantages:

  • ecology;
  • beautiful presentation;
  • Lowest Price;
  • does not affect the production of food and keeps a good view;
  • do not need a high level of knowledge of working with film.

Roll width – 450 mm linear meters per roll - 1500 weight - about 7,800 kg, thickness - 10 microns. Modern production of this film makes it possible to perform a variety of orders and be a great partner in the business.

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