Sanatorium "Plaza", Zheleznovodsk in the picturesque area of ??the Caucasus

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For the first time, the sanatorium took their patients in 2012. It is located in the prered area near the source of healing mineral water Smirnoff. There it includes spa center, with a full range of innovative programs. Is very popular not only among the inhabitants of our country, but the majority of overseas customers. Its features include a dozen people in the amount of about 270 people. Moredetail about Sanatorium, visit the official website:.

Living conditions meet the highest standards, using the latest technology. In each room there is air conditioning, telephone, comfortable furniture, cable and satellite TV. Excellent climatic zone gives the opportunity to relax all year round. Btrue air and charming nature carried away into an unforgettable and Arcane healing power of pleasure. Has a big advantage compared to other fitness centers that also take the kids to the   the first days of life. A treatment is prescribed to 4 years. Its main advantages are:

- procedures are prescribed only by physicians,they promote recovery of the whole body and not only some organ or system;
- staff - only highly qualified specialists;
- resort is maintained a position to eliminate the causes of disease, rather than masking by reliever as it unfortunately exists in most of these establishments.

Spa facilities and provided with all modern imported equipment. There are special and individual methods of treatment of urological diseases, infertility, nervous system, cardiovascular disease, and treatment of the digestive system, urinary and gynecological. Urological direction tends to defines and prevent the most neglected diseases:

  1. Incontinence;
  2. Prostatitis;
  3. Infertility endocrine genesis;
  4. The disease of the uterus and appendages.

As for the kids,Treatment is assigned only four years, and its duration is not longer than 10 days. Purpose of treatment and procedures does a doctor. Sanatorium Plaza is still a wonderful SPA-complex, which includes the traditions of European and Turkish nations. He is able to improve the tone of the whole body, improve and rejuvenate it. Practiced figure correction, diffs mask to reduce weight. After-sales service has its advantages: if you come with our own transport, you are guarded round the clock parking.

There are lots of entertainment complexes and   (Gyms, Russian sauna, babysitting for children, watching different movies). Meals 3 times a day,under the "buffet", there is also a bar and a restaurant. Health and extraordinary vacation will provide you not only fun but also a stunning result for health.

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