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In any modern vehicle equipped with internal combustion engines, the implementation of the movement is due schet release of energy from the combustion of fuels (gasoline, diesel oil, gas). More from school physics course, we should be aware that any combustion process is not possible without access to his zone air.

Depending on how much and how quickly the air supply occurs, depends on the efficiency of combustion, andwith it the power of the car. It is in relation to the control of air-fuel mixture is built the whole mechanism of controlling the operation of an automobile engine. To improve the efficiency of air flow into the combustion zone, in modern cars are special devices - turbochargers. By the way, you can purchase a turbochargerabout here:.

The pumping air to the turbocharger by the energy of the exhaust. In other words, in the turbine part of the compressor enters the flue gas stream or exhaust. He spins the turbine shaft which in turn drives the air compressor shaft and as a result, a difference produced bypressure, the necessary amount of air is blown or a mixture of fuel entering the manifold system. Turbine generator shaft speed in this case is of the order of 15 - 30 thousand revolutions per minute. The shaft itself is set in the sliding supports for continuous lubrication, which is provided from the general system of engine lubrication. Dosing neobhodimogon the amount of gas, rotating turbines on during the turbocharger uses a spool valve. Also, the turbocharger is used in combination with intercooler - the unit for cooling strongly heated in the compression of air.

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