What is a stretch film


Stretch film is packingth material. Polymers characterized by a large decorative solid. This film was produced by ploskoschelevoy technology of granular materials.

This film is of three kinds:

  • machine (used in industrial production, to pallets, and does not require a lot of effort inthis);
  • manual;
  • jumbo roll.

Stretch film appeared in the 70s. At the moment it gained immense popularity. She has a penchant for big stretch, allows a good staple goods. Big stretching saves consumption etogof material. Resistance of the material protects the product from external influences and contamination. High transparency, ease of use, eliminating the need for complex equipment and energy consumption. Consumers of this stretch film fix items on pallets, which increases the speed of handling, protects against moisture and other unwanted inzdeystvy. The advantage of such a film, primarily is a low price. It is strong, dense, withstand low and high temperatures. The film may be of any color (white, black, red, green, blue, and so on. N.). By the way, in Ryazan colored stretch film can be purchased at the sate of "Avantpak":. The film may be a two-layer and odesnosloynaya, but the quality is the same.

For packaging shrink film should be used 2.5 kg of material, and in the case of stretch film - only about 0.5 kg. To date, this film is the most comfortable, versatile and at the same time affordable. The film can be of different thickness (12 to 20 microns). Does not require a lot of effort in the packaging, which makes the packaging process in an easy and quick procedure. Thanks to all the qualities of the film it is the leader in demand.

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