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On the existence of willow on earth known to mankind long ago. In the old willow tree about 370 species of plants. Moreconsistency of willows growing in damp places, forests. Even in cold countries willows in the far north. In North America, counted about 65 species. These trees grow in height of about 15 meters and sometimes 40 meters Ido. People still these trees are also called Willow, shelyuga, willow, willow, and in Western countries - the vine, willows, willow. Willow is very easily propagated byit, as it has adventitious roots. Also propagated by cuttings and even their stakes. You can simply store.

Foliage some willows thick, curly, green (in some other species - the gray-green or gray-white). In some very broad leaves, while others – more viscous. Petiole - short, hastwo stipules. This type of willow as a long-eared, has stipules in the form of ears, growing from the trunk to the roots. The flowers are small and inconspicuous has. Fruits opened two doors. If water gets into the seed, it multiplies rapidly, and on the ground only by cuttings. Its roots differ abundant development and numerous ramifications, due chegfor they are very suitable for strengthening the soil and sand.

The wood is very light and soft, goes to many crafts. Branches fed animals, bark is used for tanning leather, as well as basketry. Often used in medicine (willow bark has antibiotic properties). Willow bark decoction is drunk for colds. Beauty Skin Careand willows, which recently planted, you need to manually loosening between the rows, hilling ground stumps and soil fertilizer. Even the people constantly say some signs: "If the willow early frosted, it is a long and cold winter".

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