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Human society is significantly different from similar organizationalamalgamations of other living species on our planet deeper mental organization, the development of ethical codes and regulations. A similar system operates in virtually all areas of professional and everyday life. This approach allows us to make certain order and control in our lives, structure and all actions andx results.

For example, in delovodstve, which is an integral part of any official activities (whether it be a business contract or a deputy's request), has its own specific rules that control the content, form and style of drafting. At the official level, a set of rules calleded rules. This kind of communication between stakeholders in the official, but a miniature level. If this communication, it definitely should have your some business etiquette.

From literacy, accuracy observance of business etiquette in correspondence, sometimes depends on the relationship between entities, consumerss, the growth of turnover of the company, etc. Business etiquette used in business correspondence, has a number of important features that distinguish it from the form and content of general correspondence and communication:

  • First, a formal business style of the document;
  • Second, the widespread use of resistantivyh linguistic patterns and shapes;
  • Third, the widespread use of acronyms, abbreviations;
  • Fourth, the use of specific verbal constructs.

Structurally, any business letter, which is part of the correspondence, consists of three mains sections: introduction, body and conclusion. Each section has its own characteristic shape and composition method.

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