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In our time, a very common procedure in dental offices and clinics Yawby the. This procedure is fairly high quality and comfortable. In ancient times, for the manufacture of dentures used sea shells, bones of various animals, and even wood. The richest people in ancient Rome and even your smile adorned with gold. At the moment, prosthetics is large, private sector, part of prosthetic dentistry. Pbefore you begin to work (that is, the creation of the prosthesis), be sure to examine the patient's doctor orthopedic – Chief Specialist in prosthetics. Prosthetics has its own distinctive features in relation to how the type of prosthesis, and each individual tooth. With prosthetic posterior teeth often use cermet - theso we need a good strength. In front teeth prosthesis, in most cases, used full ceramic structures, in order to avoid metal transillumination through enamel. As for the procedure, the dental orthopedic practice uses several types and methods of prosthetics.

Naimore common and popular types of dentures are:

  • tab - it seals are made by individual modeling;
  • Lumineers - a plate of ceramics imposed on the tooth (like prosthetics does not require serioustreatment teeth);
  • dental crowns - a “ & rdquo ;, caps which replace the tooth and repeat his form.

Before entering the prosthesis, need to find out some important aspects:

  1. State cavity pthat;
  2. The presence of the active stage of tooth decay or gum disease.

If the patient has problems with the bite, you need to do whitening or professional tooth cleaning. But first you need to consult a doctor and make X-rays, to pick upnecessary treatment that it gave the result, and most importantly: the choice of the optimal type of prosthesis.

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