The English system of secondary education


We all know that children are the future of the country. Abouta converted children – successful, prosperous country in the future. Today many parents understand the importance of education, and try to give their children the best of everything. Very often their choice stops on the UK in this country one of the highest standards of education. mandatory for all. &Nbsp;

And so, in the 5 years in the month of September the English child is sent to the junior school. It teaches that chosen by his parents, they know better, but, in practice, most often it is - music, art geography, mathematics, English language.     Two years later, the children must undergo psychological tests, and test development and transitionin primary school, where in addition to the mandatory subjects studied are selected for training, those that they like the most, according to their interests and abilities. Training ends at 16 exam and obtain a certificate. At this, to the delight of many,   Compulsory education is completed, and then   each   makes his choice: &Nbsp; whether to continue to learn more, or to go to work. There are those who have decided to chew on granite science, to go to university, for them - two years of study, and then again the exam and, as a result, the certificate again, only this time the advanced level. &Nbsp; Learn   Students typically profiled objects which themselves are selected and, inDepending on the future of the profession.   Foreign students studying in the UK is no exception, and if you decide to study further, certificate mandatory.

English secondary school system provides for both public and private schools. But they both have a high level arrazovaniya students. In addition, there is a separate system of education for boys and girls, but only in private boarding houses, teaching in public schools as a joint. Foreign nationals wishing to studying in England, studying   only in private schools and boarding houses. As you can see, learning in English schools more democratic and mostly about-core. This is a big plus, because the knowledge obtained during the formation of deeper, do not have to learn a lot of unnecessary, so you do not say that we have been taught we were taught a little like something and something.

Education in England for our students has some difficulties: the language barrier, different culture and away from the poers. This will require cost   large volitional qualities of character, but such education is worth it – this child's future career.

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