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A beautiful white smile - it's a dream of many people. But one thing keepingbe it pure white, but quite another when some of the teeth are absent. In addition to the physiological discomfort, it also gives a pretty significant psychological discomfort, because gaps in the dentition - a spectacle few aesthetic. Correct this misunderstanding is to install, for example, bridge prosthesis, but:

    First, this is not a painless procedure in our conditions;
  • Second, it is partially destroys the adjacent teeth are used as support columns;
  • Third, it is not durable design, even with all the necessary recommendations.

radically new method to solve this problem have dental clinics in Munich Creative dentistry. Thanks to the efforts and knowledge of their leader (Dr. A. Schmidt), which is one of the leading specialists in the field of dentistry such as, the clinic has earned a reputation as one of the best meduchrezhdeny specializing in dental implants. The solution to this problem in this clinic, can count on the highest quality and the result of which have been preserved for many years. But besides this, implantation allows you to save all the remaining teeth intact because, unlike a bridge prosthetics are not used forsteel teeth, as a support for the prosthesis. Dental implant installed in the clinic - it is titanium, analogue helical tooth root implanted in the jaw bone in place of the lost tooth. Then the implant is just worn artificially produced analogue of the tooth itself.

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