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Our body is designed so that its normceiling elements necessary to observe the functioning of the two basic criteria: normal levels of essential nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and so on. p.) and sufficient physical activity. These two criteria are inherent not only to the existence of the path, but also to achieve a certain result. This is clearly evident in the noteere such a widespread and fashionable trend now, as a healthy lifestyle and the cult of the body, which manifests itself in a form of leisure as bodybuilding. If we analyze the name, this process is nothing else than the perfection of his body, creating the ideal forms, training the whole body in the complex. Of course, for someth to ideal, in the sense of modern human body proportions, it is necessary to apply complex physical exercise target, each of which corrects body parts, individual muscle groups (by adding or reducing the amount of contrast and muscle mass). But the trouble is that physical exercise brings the effect to a certain point, thenis, when you come to a certain point, limited objective, the level of certain trace elements. Further exercises without proper feeding of the body - it is actually the same as the idling in the car - the work is, and there is no motion. In other words, when you come to this particular traits, training alone will not be able to burn mikro fat layer around the muscles or to further increase the volume and mass of the muscles themselves.

The role of protein to increase muscle mass

In order to continue to receive the effect of exercise and achieve better results than just good physical shape, not necessarilynecessary to combine them (training) with a comprehensive and balanced sports nutrition. Its basis should be clearly proteins. By the way, can purchase at the online store of sports nutrition sportcityshop.com.ua. From the point of view of biology and chemistry, protein - it is nothing like protein - peptide compounds important sacids. From the point of view of any builder or bodybuilder, protein - a dietary supplement to the main food that more than 70% of the proteins. The required concentration of proteins, as well as the correct scheduling of appointments contribute to achieving the main goals of any bodybuilder: burn fat, build muscle active supportat the appropriate level of general body tone.   All protein supplements can be roughly classified into several basic criteria:

  • Firstly, different origin proteins acting protein soedineniy.V this regard, there are two basic types of proteins: vegetable and animal. Second, in its PtsBefore, divided into meat, fish, dairy (casein), egg, whey.
  • Secondly, all proteins differ in the rate of absorption and hence speed of action. According to this criterion distinguishes proteins slow, fast and complex (usually a mixture of different proteins of the two previous types). &Nbsp;

The use of protein supplements (most often comes in the form of cocktails) should occur in severity with the instruction, because an increased dose of proteins creates the desired effect, but too much, leading to overdose, can play a cruel joke and result in the best case, an upset stomach, and at worst a S?riersheat of food poisoning and allergic reactions.

type protein, the required dosage and time of reception are selected based on the individual characteristics of the organism and its goals (for example, for a set of muscle protein to take before bedtime).

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