What is a stapler


In every company, in every office there is a separate line item for the Office of thecal products or accessories. But if the only good think about it, is impossible without the normal operation of any enterprise. Never mind that 21 in the yard, all modern computers and office equipment, and no simple pens, paper clips, buttons - well, just did. And in the order it is necessary to bring all of this accounting, contracts, reports, invoices andt. e. Today, the need to invent than to seal the documents, so as not to lose, no longer alone. And all because such a device invented before us and patented in 1866. And before that, it was all very simple, leaves stacked pile, in the upper-right corner to make the holes for fastening thread and put a stamp. But, to be precise,is the prototype of a stapler appeared at King Louis XV, at each of its bracket was a sign of the royal court.

- this device for quick fastening metal straps of the paper. Modern steplery- are powerful, lightweight, comfortable and aesthetic office accessories. Staplers are of two types: manuals and with an electric drive. The principle of   they have the same work, and the only difference is, that breaks the paper automatically by pressing a button. Scope of electric stapler is somewhat different from a simple office needs, which is why until now manual stapler is very popular. Particular attention should buy a staplerpaid to:

  1. The spring mechanism;
  2. The material of the shell;
  3. The presence underneath the stapler plastic or rubber substrate;
  4. The thickness of stitched paper;
  5. Quality staples;
  6. The ability to bond the sheets in a cape.

There are companies that specialize in the production of office supplies on the market provide a lot of quality products. And every entrepreneur can choose a precisely such to createits employees the most favorable conditions of work.

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