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Very often happens in life so: some work, labor, and others - use their benefits. It's safe to mYou can be attributed to the lives of some insects. Do not believe me? Here's an example. There are a swarm of weaving, live in peace in the hive, work, collect pollen, pour honey, and then out of nowhere, flies into the hive wax moth butterfly, inhabits cells, lays eggs, eats honey.

Some beekeepers believe the wax moth itselfmajor pest, and the essence of sabotage in that it consumes wax honeycombs. Wax in their chemical properties are very rare and even scary to think what toxic substances are produced in the body and wax moth, if for a short period of development she eats almost 2 g of wax. Butterflies fly at night and hardly to mobiledusk and at night, when the bees are busy in the business they lay their eggs.

Although there are other opinions beekeepers who do not believe that the moth — is a pest, but rather orderly. Argued that she prefers black settles on the old cells, where there is no bees and eating them, cleans the hive and waspsvobozhdaet place to build new cells.

wax moth larvae are very unique, and they are unique in that they   contain enzymes « tserraze & raquo ;, it was he and   wax dissolves. Because of its uniqueness, wax moth larvae used in the preparation of infusions. This tincture — eta very valuable product that has many useful features and a very wide range of applications. By the way, it is possible to shop online « Honey Spas & raquo ;: Wax moth extract contains a high percentage of high molecular weight proteins and amino acids, and the presence of lipids on the human body has a restorative effect.

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