Types of coaching labor standards


Any kind of human activity that brings him an income and are used in this work is definedtion of other people (staff) is associated with a particular production risk. The degree of risk in the first place depends on the amount and specificity of the equipment used in the production. But do not scorn the factor of personality, skills and psychological readiness to perform their production tasks nersonala. On the one hand, the frames, as they say, decide everything in terms of achieving the desired result, but on the other hand, appropriate training and culture of behavior and performance of its tasks, uniquely preserves not only the technical condition of the equipment, but most importantly - the life of workers. < / p>

ArmAna labor

That is why the production of any one of the most important roles played by the system of labor protection, which is enshrined in law and is subject to strict implementation. Under the law, the responsibility for everything that happens in the company is a leader, but he can not physically Proconwas checked by the actions of each individual employee. To do this, each production is organized OSH training among staff, appointed responsible for conducting training and periodic monitoring of knowledge and skills. The system consists of a set of instructions, which are conducted in accordance with the legal framework of thea.

Total distinguish five types of instruction or training labor standards, which differ in the nature and timing of: entrance, primary, secondary, non-routine, the target.

According to the materials of the company “ Yunikons Holding ”.

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