Pros and cons of cast aluminum wheels

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The choice of wheel rims - employment difficult. After all, they are very different: stamped, cast, forged. What,The selected? The most common are alloy wheels. In contrast, they are made of stamped or aluminum magnesium alloy. The latter option is especially attractive because it has several advantages. Why is it worth this type?


The most important advantage - it's a small weight. It is lighter than steel aboutabout 20-30% for the same size. Reducing weight can improve the ride and maneuverability of the vehicle. Also reduced moment of inertia, which favorably affects the braking and acceleration. Low weight combined with rapid acceleration to reduce the speed of wear and fuel consumption. The second advantage of cast aluminum wheels - a wealthdesign decisions. In the market you can find a lot of kinds of this product. So, if you want to make the car more attractive in terms of appearance, these drives will help you with this. You also can not mention corrosion resistance, due to which the wheels are not affected by the negative effects of water. Additional paint, noolnennoe of solid preparations not only enhances the protective properties of the disk, but also improves their appearance.


It is necessary to say a few words about the disadvantages of these products. The main drawback - it is not recoverable under deformation. If the disc is damaged, it can only be replaced. And it's better to do it, because riding withthey may cause an accident. And the cost is quite large - about 4000-5000 rubles apiece.

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