Plastic correction of the nose

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There is no doubt, if we consider the person's appearance for aesthetic reasons, theone of its main elements, attracting perhaps the most attention is the face. Of course, every woman tries to have her face looked the best possible way, but sometimes even a full bouquet of the most expensive cosmetics can not solve the problem of the appearance of visible defects, for example, the shape of the nose. Congenital or acquired effects can beeliminate or adjust only through methods of plastic surgery of the nose or rhinoplasty. This is one of the most difficult types of plastic surgery, since its goal is not only to create the proper aesthetic effect, but also to ensure the normal physiological functions of the nose.

So this procefool requires a high level of training, and sometimes attract two of them at once: an otolaryngologist (The function block correction) and plastic surgery (in the final, the aesthetic stage). The best experts in this field work in Germany, for example, PROAESTHETIC in Heidelberg is known worldwide. Her surgery is performedmore than 40,000 operations for 21 years! Depending on the purpose of the surgery, rhinoplasty is divided into four main types:

  • primary - plastic correction of congenital, acquired or age aesthetic defects of the nose;
  • sary - removal from defects as a result of a failed primary plastics;
  • Reconstructive - operative correction and restoration of osteochondral of the nose, soft tissues, post-traumatic or post-surgical scars;
  • function - operative correction configuratsii internal structures of the nose in order to restore normal nasal function.

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