Robotic vacuum cleaners from Guttex


Every normal (in the sense of socially adapted) persons regularly at his home complex slavefrom cleaning the premises from dust and dirt. As a rule, these events are held once a week in the form of general cleaning, but almost every day a person engages in petty cleaning, eliminating the clutter of various kinds, they also created. Such a person's actions is easy enough to explain, as they have two main reasons:

  • First, the reason aesthetic, as being the subject of society, society, man, willy-nilly, must take into account the general opinion and regulations, including the cleanliness of the house plays a significant role;
  • secondly, for practical reasons, since the accumulation of dirt, dust and various debris leads ultimately to increasedTheological concentration of harmful substances in the air, and hence the development of potentially allergenic background.

Looking at this vital process, unwittingly catch yourself thinking that sometimes you have to sweat and a lot of effort to ensure that the house was really clean and shone all around. FromYou can then infer that cleaning - this is not the most favorite pastime even the most homing hosts and hostesses. In order to facilitate the work of home owners was invented quite a few technically sophisticated means, including vacuum cleaners of different caliber, innovative mops, cleaning supplies, and so on.. Unfortunately, they do not solve the mainFirst cleaning problems - physical personal involvement in the process of man, because in order to vacuum or wash the floor or any other surface, a person has a lot to move and work with your hands. However, we do live in a world of advanced technologies that are improving almost every day. In such circumstances, the best assistantm in cleaning can become a robot vacuum cleaner - highly technological innovation for the home.

The robot cleaner

The main advantage of this domestic robot is its independence from a person whose participation is reduced to the integration of the robot and the task of cleaning program. All remainingFlax (movement, cleaning, avoid obstacles, return to the starting position) makes the robot itself on the basis of set of complex algorithms. It may seem that such an innovation of a series of science fiction or the distant future, however, in the same Japan, like household robots are not uncommon, but rather commonplace. And now, possozhnost join in the latest achievements of civilization have with us. It's enough to visit the online store Guttex and opt for one of the models for sale. There are more than thirty models of such devices, which successfully cope with wet and dry cleaning, can perform tasks, kaon a carpet or on a solid surface, while covering an area of ??30 to 150 sq. m. In some models, implemented the principle of low noise, in others - support for complex layouts premises etc. The store features products Guttex four well-known manufacturers: iRobot, Neato, Agait and iClebo. Price allows you to select a robot cleanerany level, from budget iRobot Braava 320 (around 4300 USD) to the premium iRobot Roomba 880 (around 18700 USD).

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