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The man throughout his life to absorb a variety of information, whether for a planned, or for the overall development. Naturally,a large share of the information we receive from the news, otherwise, how do we know what is happening, for example, in Prague and the Czech Republic. News of these, sometimes, very different and diverse, just as our lives as a portal « Vinaigrette & raquo ;:. This news portal knowingly received its name in honor of the popular salad, because just as I vinaigretteS THE completely different set of components, and also « Vinaigrette » is a platform for gathering completely different information about everyone and everything.

For example, one of the most anticipated events for the residents of Prague and its surroundings, and along with a top news is the opening near the Prague Internationalairport, the so-called outlet center (for those who do not know - this is an analogue shopping center, which is realized branded clothing at a much reduced price). Despite the fact that the outlet was actually built seven years ago, only now found an investor (The Prague Outlet), who will complete his promotion to the market.

As you can see from the press release, will be presented to prospective buyers of branded products that are not available for sale in other Czech Outlet, skid at what it will be at least 40% of the base cost. The opening of the center are planned in stages until 2019. At the same time, in the first installment is planned to openbe about 60 outlets with a total area of ??over 12,000 square meters. m. Well, as expected, in such cases, the target audience will be able to get to the place due to transfers from the airport and the city metro station Veleslav í n.

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