The history of the cartoon "Well, wait a minute!»

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Without exception, all familiar with incredibly interesting and fascinating cartoon « Well,Wait! & raquo ;. By the way, see "" please visit: This is a series in which each series is interesting in its own way and shows the funny and amusing doganyalki two protagonists hare and a wolf. Brave and resourceful hare always find a way out of this situation, managing to play a prank slacker-wolf. Cartoon started in 1969 andis the first series of frustrated a lot of applause and admiration. This is a mini-history of everyday life and everyday 70s, which is stored in the memory of the country is not ordinary Soviet times. Therefore, it was so clear to everyone looking his audience and was very so "their" cartoon. This animated series was so popular that it was ranked first inRussia. Conducted a survey, the results of which 20% of respondents said that it is the most favorite animated series.

This cartoon is recognizable not only in Russia but also in other countries. Hare friendly character who turns to when you need a very resourceful and cunning endowed animal that finds an opportunity tos to make fun of a wolf.

The history of the wolf and the hare in the Soviet mulseriale « Just you wait! &Raquo; was completed in 2006 after the show at the VIII International Children's Film Festival « Listopadik » Minsk nineteenth and twentieth series, then announced the retirement of the incompetent mainHeroes animated series. All these years, probably was not a single person, regardless of age, gender and nationality, who have not watched this with a lifetime glory animated series.

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