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Dancing teaching in special schools of dance, a dance studio, fitness centerx, dance club or even in schools where studied dance along with other objects. For example, takes place in the choreographic school   New Project. Some teachers prefer to work only with children, some only with adults, and some may work successfully with children and with adults. The task of the teacher is not easy. Need to teachs move expressing themselves in dance. Very valuable not only teachers, but the real dancers who have won the title that can actively   perform or participate in special competitions or championships. Highly dancers and choreographers work and can put the dance numbers. There are many dance directiontions: Latin, jazz, Irish, and many other.

This is always looking for teacher development and improve every day while in the creative search. Permanent dance classes excellent support health and fitness. Sometimes teachers can dancet have time to teach in different places or have their own dance school. Dancing helps to be physically fit, learn patience, leadership qualities, gives self-confidence, give the love of music and dance. A good dance teacher must understand the areas of dance, to know the history and own teaching methods, have knowledge in the field of physicsEpidemiology and anatomy and be able to properly manage the physical activities, as well as being a good mentor and a true friend, and support for all of its students.

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