The range of application of sunflower

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gnaw sunflower seeds loved by many, and it's so exciting that it is sometimes difficult tobecomes, until they run out. They are very useful for the organism and their main drawback – a large amount of use, as they are very high-calorie. But few people think about where else he used sunflower. But its range of application is large enough, and it will tell us Tarasov n. - Employee PBF « Kolos& Raquo ;:, which produces and sells sunflower in Ukraine for 13 years.


Sunflower used both in traditional and folk medicine. Folk   - Is antispasmodic and antimalarial drug, as in a traditional – solvent for medical veschEU ETS. Sunflower oil - a dietary product that is taken in many diseases: cholecystitis, cholangitis cholangiohepatitis as cholagogue. Alcohol tincture of flowers sunflower used as spasm-lytic   means with bronchospasm, severe protracted cough, intestinal and stomach cramps.

Food Industry

In the food industry of sunflower oil do, and   seeds themselves consume fried or sirye and waste make cake for cattle feed.


Use sunflower and industry in the manufacture ofvarnishes, soap, linoleum and others. podsolnuha- ash is a valuable fertilizer and stebli- raw materials for the manufacture of yarns, suitcases, cardboard.


In landscape design is also found application sunflowers, specially brought for this small decorative sunflowers to decorateflowerbeds.

As you can see, sunflowers can be very lucrative if properly organize it, and use only good seeds for their cultivation. Correctly selected seeds, good care, and lots of fun to work. So go ahead, go for it!

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