What is a thesis


Thesis is the culmination and final stage of learning and contains the setof information about the results of a study specific topics selected and shows readiness of students to solving problems and potential problems in the specialty independently. An important point in the writing of the thesis is correct, reasoned and thoughtful design work. All must be done sequentially, respectivelyetstvenno standards and regulations. As a rule, the writing of the thesis consists of a conventional algorithm. After selecting a topic, it is necessary to seek the necessary literature and materials. Based on their plan is found material. According to this plan will be written all the work, which usually consists of 3-4 sections. A very important part of thewhen writing the conclusions are that the material described briefly describe each section, as well as the introduction of which is written at the beginning of the work. Consisting of recommendations, applications and references. All work must be performed on the basis of guidelines. Before protection work reviewer checks for errors, pravilnosminute writing, design. organizes all the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills will students learn how to collect, analyze, process information, and show the ability of the student to argue their decisions and thoughts. Writing a thesis robots - it's not an easy job and requires a lot of time, effort, knowledge and usidishity.

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