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Humanity at the present stage of its history develops rapidlyI, at what progress is not calculated in arithmetic, and practically - exponentially. This can be quite clearly seen by analyzing, say modern leisure interests and thirty people (which, incidentally, applies to your humble author), and more precisely, by comparing leisure of their children and their own, but at their age. In atthan the time, almost all leisure carried out on the street, playing soccer and other activity, then, as today's children unwittingly become a victim of scientific and technical progress, fully linking computer games. At the same time, we can not absolutely assert that such games are the prerogative of the children, because if you take any popular computeryuternuyu game (for example, FIFA, PES, Stalker, Crysis, Battlefield, etc.), the circle of her fans will definitely include people of completely different ages. By analyzing the process involved in the game should be understood that for children to play is a natural process that takes almost all my free time, whereas adult uRA is one way to change the situation, a way of spending free time. On the one hand, this time can not be, if the person is very busy, but periodic outages, you just need to distract and mental and psychological relief.

Casual type

In this case, it will be very useful online games casual type. The term "casual game" means that this type of gaming software is used from time to time to pass it. This means that such games the maximum shall be lightweight, have a sufficiently simple intuitive interface and game logic.One of the most brilliant games in this genre is (Zuma). In fact, it is not just one game, but a whole family of similar games (ie games, united by a common ideology). In general, the game itself is built around a colorful balloons moving chain along a certain trajectory towards the so-called golden skull. This "snake"Controlled by a computer and the player at this time with the help of a frog trying to destroy them all before reaching the target.

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