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In the normal course of human life necessarily accumulates in the skin, its pores and in the body of RAznoobraznuyu dirt, toxins. In order to bring the external dirt from time to time people (who as usual) clean (taking a bath, water treatment, etc.). But this method, unfortunately, can not effectively withdraw toxins accumulated in the body and deep into the pores of the skin. This requires a combination of spa treatments and periodicheskogabout the impact of hot steam (dry or hot). People like symbiosis called bath or sauna and a traditional way of cleansing the body, relaxation and healing in many nations. World famous are Turkish, Roman, Russian public baths. At the same time, among the simple, ordinary citizens have the popularity of the Lichnye baths, built on their own plot and used for personal needs. In Russia traditionally baths made of chopped wood decks and called. The choice of this method of construction of its own bath historically due to the presence of sufficient resources stem wood (mainly pine and other conifers). In addition, suchshape retains all the qualities of the wood, allowing it to breathe and to enrich the air in the steam room woody fragrance, which in combination with steam and aromatic oils create a unique healing environment. Building technology chopped baths, practically the same as in the construction of log houses, with the presence of the same mandatory requirements to technologynical process (selection tool joints, fitting and sealing of joints, processing special impregnations, etc.).

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