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The man, wherever he was and at what time, is critically dependent onno such thing as comfort. With that, there remains a strong tendency to expand the list of comfort and desires with each new step in the development of society. Particularly acute need for a barrier against harsh climatic conditions observed in winter when the temperature drops significantly below zero. And even more acutely feeling the coldin ag ood sort regions such as Russian Siberia, the Far East, the Far North. In such circumstances, even the walls of the house in winter can not protect against the piercing cold, so it is necessary to provide the desired temperature inside the building background. To realize this idea is possible with the help of individual heating boilers « Lemax & raquo ;. This manufacturerquite positively established itself in the Russian context, providing its products to a broad audience of customers. Design solutions used in the boilers of the brand « & raquo ;, Lemax provide the most efficient and effective use possible fuel reserves. It is possible to use natural gas (which is aWhy abound) and solid fuel (wood, briquettes, the coal, and so. p.). The product range of the enterprise consists of the following categories of equipment:

  • steel boilers « Premium » (From 7.5 to 40 kW);
  • cast iron boilers « leader » tobased heat exchangers VIADRUS (from 16 to 50 kW);
  • geysers « Alpha » (20 kW);
  • solid steel boilers « Forward » (12.5 to 20 kW).

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