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From the creators of all the famous "school closures" & mdash ; New Moon series, nRepresenting us a small provincial town where everyone lives like a calm, quiet and uneventful. In this, lost in the middle of the dark forests of the town, with his wife arrive in Moscow with her daughter investigator: a married couple decides to win back former happiness. With the intention to improve relations in the family, Kate moved to Nicholas, despite aoprotivlenie daughter Nastya.

But in a short time quiet life remains only in memory, because strange things happen that are very difficult to explain. Already on the first night under the same roof, which is just the same as the full moon, everything turns into a tragedy: the father suddenly disappears and his body for the next day ofdetects nearby in the woods. The investigation, which makes the local law enforcement agencies, can not attest to any rational version of what happened. Locals are increasingly remembering ancient rumors about the horrible ghouls that from time immemorial have inhabited this area, and assure that it is to blame them.But his wife died in mysticism does not believe, and begins with her daughter his own investigation and find that peculiar incidents in — are not uncommon. After a while it becomes clear — each inhabitant of this small town has something to hide under the ghostly light of the moon. By the way, the show, please visit:

The authors wanted to make universal series that will appeal to older people and teenagers. &Nbsp; Serial thriller, according to its creators, was established in selected traditions of the genre: the complex nature and unforeseeable story, a great mystery and a forbidden love, prevysoky character shooting and brilliant special effects,young actors and movie stars.

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