Preparing for a unified state exam in English


The beauty of the system of unified state exams(USE) is that it is, in fact, rule out a third-party subjective factor in influencing the final grade. System EGU is to go through the same type of test items that are checked by an independent institution, followed prostanovkoy points. This form of the final certification serves as a GCSE and opening ininstitutions of higher education. Currently, any high school student is required to pass the exam in mathematics and Russian language. But in order to qualify for a place in, say, the linguistic profile of the university, it is desirable (and sometimes simply necessary) to pass the exam on the profile foreign language. As practice shows, often take an exam itemof English. Therefore, you need a good language. Naturally, the level of training in different educational institutions may vary significantly, much also depends on the abilities and personal will of students. Nevertheless, regardless of the level of basic training, pass an exam is necessary, and in order to achieve the desired result, it is desirable to podgotovitsya. In this connection, it is recommended in advance, before putting the exam in English, visit the relevant training courses. We all understand that learning a foreign language - is a complicated matter, and even more so in the case of English. That is why this option seems best, because the use of appropriate methodik allows patch visible gaps in knowledge and significantly increase their level of short lines.

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