Polybutene pipe Flexalen

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In the heat-consumption of the pipeline can be used in different ways. The best way is considered laying predizonium pipelines. This flexible conduits that do not require additional insulation. The company "Flexalen" offers many versatile insulated pipes, which are made of polybutene with insulation made of polyethylene, which is foamed or polyurethane. All this is closed in the plastic bellow. Truboprovody from "" use   for underground laying of heating systems. For the manufacture of pipes used a unique system of pre-insulation. Polybutene pipes are placed in a special homogeneous insulating layer made of polyethylene foam. Corrugated outer plastic casing extrudesXia thermal insulation that gives a reliable watertight connection housing with thermal insulation. Such pipes are popular with cottage construction installation of heating, production facilities that require insulation, etc.. Products "Flexalen" – is a system that consists of pre-insulated pipes which imeet triple protection, has 3 main parts. Known system "Flexalen" can include up to six types of pipe in one casing, which greatly facilitates the task of laying vodosnabzhitelnyh communications. Due to this unique construction, the heat loss will be minimal, even at a sufficiently low sub-zero temperatures. For proper operation of ethe system of guarantee can be up to 50 years.

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