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As she sang once   in the children's film "Mєri Poppins" that know what you're perfect, you're the ideal - greatth bliss.   But, alas, alas! Not all of us as perfect as you want. Someone not perfect figure, someone hair, and someone nails. But all is not hopeless, we live in the age of new technologies, and all can be corrected. Ideal nails, manicured hands - a dream of every woman. How to achieve   This is done to polish on the nails kept etc.olgo? And then come to the aid of gel varnish. What is it?

What is a gel nail

Gel varnishes, appeared relatively recently, about 2-3 years ago, and immediately won the appreciation of the beautiful half of humanity. &Nbsp; This, in essence, a conventional gel which easily dissolves nARS as a normal nail, and then dried under UV lamp. Nails, covered with varnish so always look perfect at least two weeks, which is very convenient because it does not require special care. In addition, the gel nail has a number of advantages:

  • not scratched;
  • It is not so easy to tear off a nail;
  • gives elasticity and durability of problem nails;
  • can be coated on top of the usual lacquer;
  • can be easily removed with a special liquid;
  • is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature and moisture.

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that the gel varnishes - one of the best achievements in the service sector, it is in great demand among customers and among the manicure. Application procedure is very simple and convenient. And most importantly - for 2-3 weeks look just perfect, if only hthen you came out of the salon, which is very pleasing and gives positive emotions girls and women.

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