Making an extract from the State Register of property

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real estate, especially residential, is always in high demandon the part of ordinary citizens. This is not surprising, because the property is, in fact, is the most desirable and stable investment of all. But just like any other property rights, it has its value in the market and can, if necessary, to be sold (or bought) by the new owner. It should be clearly understood that, saythem, the apartment - it's not a bike and in terms of price and in terms of responsibility. Therefore, it is clear that for any real estate transactions should be monitored by the responsible government agencies. In this case, the entire control of accounting property maintained by the local BTI. Therefore, when buying or selling real estateand will have to collect a certain set of documents to the whole transaction took place in a legal way. According to the old legal standards needed. This is something like the deregistration in case of sale of the vehicle. In the modern version of the law, reference is changed to an excerpt from the State Register property. Its design takes place in three steps:

  • the first phase - inventory and production of a new registration certificate;
  • the second stage - registration in the State Register of ownership and registration statement on passage of registration;
  • The third stage - the actual production of extracts from the State Register.

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