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Most of today's youth did not catch the Iron Curtain,when to leave the USSR for their own purposes in any foreign country was virtually unsolvable problem (only with permission and guidance party). Today, the boundaries of all states are open to foreigners. The only thing that this be taken into account - is obtaining a permit to enter the country, that is - the visa.

To do this, you must have a passport of their state and, therefore, the lack of reasons for possible denial of permission (criminal records, military duty, loan commitments, and so on. N.). In this case, you should consider the fact that the reason for crossing the border each person has their own. Someone is going to rest for granitsu someone for education, someone - in search of work or travel for professional purposes.

Of course, in each case, a set of required documents   will be different, because it all depends ultimately on the activity that is supposed to behave in a foreign country.If a citizen, for example, is going to be trained in higher education, it would be required to submit documentation of secondary education (eg, certificate). In the case of employment, may be necessary as education documents confirming qualification may work book, driving license and so on. N.


All these official documents must be translated into a foreign language, certified in accordance with international law. This process is called the legalization of documents. Speaking of legalization in Ukraine, please visit: jurklee.com.ua. All this is done forto your internal documents have legal force on the territory of neighboring States, that is - the authenticity of these documents.

In view of the large number of documents available in the hands of every adult person, some of them mandatory subject of legalization, and the part whichthere is a photograph of the owner - does not need this. The category required in terms of legalization of documents belong to documents on education, civil status (state), power of attorney, the decision of the courts, legal documents to conduct business activities. Legalization is not subject to the passport, labor booksand, military ID, driver's license, and so on. n.

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